Intellectual Need Rules for the Road

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fileIntellectual Need and Problem-Free Activity

fileIntellectual Need

Perplexing Photos & Videos

LinkHow Perplexing Are They?



Barbie Bungee

After watching the Teaching Channel video and reviewing these five handouts, what are ways the Barbie Bungee project can go wrong and how can you make sure it goes right?

linkTeaching Channel Barbie Bungee Lesson

fileVersion #1

fileVersion #2

fileVersion #3

fileVersion #4

fileVersion #5

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Break Their Old Tools

FileSlope Formula

File2D Graphing



FileMeasures of Central Tendency


FileScientific Notation

FileAngle Labels

FileFactoring Trinomials

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Just Add Need


filePots of Paint

fileShipping Routes

FileAngular Velocity

FileBead Store

FileBedroom Area

fileCheckerboard Borders

FileBrick Patio

FileCar Wreck

FileMarine Biology

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FilePostal Service

FileRemote Control Car

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Standards Rodeo

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LinkClip Converter

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LinkFunction Carnival – Student

LinkFunction Carnival – Student

Session Review

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